by adalberto fernandez torres and elise bjerkelund reine
pREMIERE march 2023 (dk)

Phobetor is an experimental circus project using contortion connected to sound and body to provoke and transform the space. In this grotesque, absurd and dreamworld where the cycle of life repeats and contorts, these two characters transform and get reborn. Inspired by David lynch’s universes, BW films and embodies maskwork you get an insight in to our worst nightmares and most secret desires.

By creating a dark and dreamlike universe, we wish to make the audience twist out of their views on gender, relations, age and open their eyes to the unknown. This nonverbal contemporary circus and sound project is a performance with a target audience of adults. A political norm-bending performance to question our view on the ‘slangemenneske’, but also to open the doors for creating a new contemporary performance using circus, but targeted for adults as a full political and alternative performance created in Denmark in collaboration with Dynamo workspace, Glimt Amager and AFUK Scene. The project is supported by dansk artistforbund and statens kunstfond.

Contortion is an old traditional circus discipline - normally including a series of positions, acrobatics, balances, and choreographic movements based on flexibility. In Danish it is traditionally known as slangemenneske. We are inspired by the traditional technique, but with contemporary research we crossover with choreography, dance, theater, mask, sound and performance art. How far are we able to bend? Where is the limit between dance and disgust? What does age and gender do to who we are? Is it real? Not in our dreams.

Phobetor is a performance situated in an abstract, dark dreamlike world. The textures of sounds manipulate, inspired by how we twist our bodies. We can play with the origin of sounds, make the voices travel with the bodies. A travel through birth, death, pain and innocence to make you question your own imagination.

Contorted sounds, contorted bodies.

The artistic team

Adalberto Fernandez Torres(artist, author) was already a professional circus performer in Puerto Rico for 7 years before he decided to move to France to enter the Centre National des Arts du Cirque(graduate 2016). During his education he developed a research of movements with different elements -sand, dirt, milk... After graduation he has worked with several Companies in France such as AOC, Cie le Guetteur and L’MRGee.

Elise Bjerkelund Reine(artist,author), trapeziste and contortionist, graduated from AFUK and Centre National des Cirque ,has been a part of starting up the danish circus/performance company tanter/vixen. She has worked for several companies all over Europe such as burnt out punks, Kristjan Ingmarsson, Cie le guetteur, David Bobee/Opera de Rouen and Side kunst cirque and is currently performing in Bohr by Glimt.

Lasse Munk(composer, sounddesign) is a composer and sound artist educated at the Danish National School of Performing Art, Sonic College and Radio France in Paris. He has created music, sound design and tech for shows in Denmark and internationally while producing own performances and collaborations with e.g. SIGNA, Kristján Ingimarsson and Cantabile2. Portfolio:

Camila Sarrazin Pendola(outside eye), is a choreographer, scenographer, performer, aerialist and dancer. She is one of the artistic leaders of the danish contemporary circus company Glimt. She has almost 30 years of experience in the contemporary circus, and has an unique eye for the esthetique and choreographic.

Phobetor will premiere at dynamo workspace(DK, Odense) march 2023

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